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My name is Fruitloop. Welcome to my web page. I am a sun conure. I was hatched on April 22nd, 2003. I live in Melbourne Florida with my human papa. He goes by Sonic but his real name is Bill. He is such a pushover. He thinks he's the boss but really I am. He spoils me rotten buying and making me toys all the time. All I have to do is be cute and act goofy. I just started working on my webpage. It's kind of slow going when you only have 8 little toes to type with so check back often.

Pretty Bird

One of my favorite toys is just a block of wood with sticks in it. I can tear it up in no time and then it goes away and comes back like new again. I can't figure that out, I thought I tore it up good last time. There is also a picture of my tent. It's so warm and soft, I like to sleep in there when the human tells me nite nite.

Come here

I'm learning to speak human. I only do it when I feel like it or want something though. So far I can say, papa, I love you, good bird, want some, and thank you. I could talk more if I wanted but I don't want the human to get too much of a good thing. I think I'll milk it out for awhile, he gets so excited. You would think I was Albert Birdstien or something.

I am 18 months old here

As I get older, I will get more lemon yellow and orange orange feathers. My Papa keeps them when they fall out.


My Papa made me this gym to play on. I like to chew on it too.

Oh Boy, time to start chewing

I got this new house for my 1st Hatchday. I was scared of it at first but I really like it now. I have lots more room for my toys and more room to play. The best part is that toy hook on top. I like to climb all the way to the top and hang upside down or just sit up there so I don't miss anything.

My 1st Hatchday

Here is a cool website I found. It has pictures of sun conure's growing up. From just hatched to adult.

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